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A modern school in a rural village

Our school is located in Dzunguni village, outside Kilifi town -  2 hours north of Mombasa.


Thanks to creative and generous individuals, we have built a unique school which is farm based on sustainable design were we catch and store rainwater, use solar power for our energy needs and compost our waste.

In short

Eco Moyo Education Centre is a Norwegian/Kenyan charity project.


By engaging an international network of friends, family, volunteers and donors, we´ve built a school in rural Kenya, offering free primary education to children from Dzunguni village .

Eco Moyo means

Eco is short for Ecology (the scientific study of interactions among organisms and their environment).


Moyo means heart in Swahili.

The name Eco Moyo therefore, refers to showing love for our environment.


- Increase the quality of life for underprivileged children


 - Provide free, primary education for all children in Nzunguni village

Eco Moyo consists of:


1. Norwegian Charity Foundation

2. Kenyan CBO

(community based organization)

3. Kenyan Primary School

KONTO NR: 1503 4088 508


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Eco Moyo Education Centre

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Account details:
Receiver        Eco Moyo Education Centre
Account number          1503 4088 508

Eco Moyo Education Centre

Sundet 18

3950 Brevik


Tel: +4745608045 (Norway)

Registered as a Norwegian foundation
Organisastion number: 912629163
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Eco Moyo Education Centre

Box 702 - 80108



Tel: +254715009408 (Kenya)

Registered as a CBO (Community based organisation)
Registration number: SS/KLF/LR/CBO/KIK-D/10/2015