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The Country

Our school is located in Kenya.

Capitol: Nairobi

Kenya is a presidential representative democratic republic.

The current president is William Ruto.

National language: Kiswahili

Kenya has a warm and humid tropical climate on its Indian Ocean coastline.

There are 42 Kenyan tribes, each contributing to the country's diverse and rich culture and heritage. However, tribalism is the root of many conflicts in the country.

Tourism is now Kenya's largest foreign exchange earning sector, followed by flowers, tea, and coffee.


The economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and Central Africa

The Coast

The coastal strip with palm trees and white sandy beaches includes many famous tourist destinations like Diani in the South, and Kilifi, Malindi, Watamu and Lamu in the North. 

However, the coastal counties are the poorest in the country, in terms of general poverty, income, access to education, sanitation, water, lighting and housing.

Tourist info about the coast:


Eco Moyo Education Centre is located in Kilifi county, which is just north of Mombasa. Population is 1.1 Million.

Tourism and fishing are major economic activities although roughly 70% of the population live below the poverty line.


Our area is called Ngerenya. The sub-location is Ezamoyo and our little village is Dzunguni. From Kilifi town, it´s a 30-45 min drive north west.

Most people in our area live in mud houses without water or electricity.

The women fetch water, wash and cook. The men are lucky if they find casual jobs in construction or farming.  Some work in the quarries closer to town.

In general, this is a very poor area. However, you will only meet smiling people welcoming  you with big smiles and always happy to assist in any way they can.


During day time it is safe to walk or drive anywhere in town or even in the outskirts, but after dark it is advisable to walk in groups and take the same precaution you would in any foreign place.

In Ezamoyo, the soil has many color variations from sandy white to deep red. The vegetation consists of coconut, cashew and neem trees.

Many grow their own crops such as corn, cassava and leafy greens. The roofs are  made from layered palm leaves supported on sisal sticks.

Kilifi has beautiful beaches and the resorts have high standards with air condition and western food. Beautiful views to the Indian ocean.

Kilifi town is small, but full of life, colors and very friendly people. It can not be said to be a very beautiful place, but it definitly has its charm!

We do most of our bulk food shopping in Mombasa, but occasionally we visit the markets in Kilifi and Tezo.

As mentioned above, nearly 70% of the population live below the poverty line. Most families rely on one member providing for them.

Thinking of paying us a visit?

Below are some suggestions for places to stay in or near Kilifi town, arranged in order from the cheapest to more expensive alternatives. We are able to accommodate visitors or volunteers, please contact us for more information. 


Our school is only a 30-45 min drive away from the town center (and it´s a very scenic drive!). The best way to get there, is by using a piki piki (motorbike taxi), tuc tuc or car.

Kilifi Backpackers

Affordable eco-lodge with private cabins, rooms, dormitory or tents. Great staff and very relaxed vibe. Not far from the beach or the town center. Make sure to ask them if there are any events going on during your stay as music can be loud.

More information here:

Makuti Villas

Affordable rooms with simple inventory. The pool is big and often local residents who can afford it, bring their kids to play here during the weekends and holidays. Restaurant serves  cheap, Italian food. Not amazing, but decent and practical as you can walk into town.


No website, but find them on any booking site

Mnarani Club

This is a favorite if you can afford it. Great rooms with ocean view, a huge eternity pool overlooking the Kilifi creek and the Indian ocean as well as really good food at their restaurant. A bit "resorty", but great staff! They have loads of water sports connected to the hotel as well as a spa and pool table etc.

More information here:

Please contact us for additional information.

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