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Eco Moyo Auction
March 29th - April 3rd 2022
The auction of 2022 was a huge success, please visit ecomoyoauction on Instagram to see all the pieces donated by amazing artists from around the world and watch the video below for results! 


The Eco Moyo Auction is initiated by Martin Whatson and Fredrik Bornø Haukebøe. The auction this year was the 5th auction to be held.

The objective of the auction is to raise funds for Eco Moyo Education Centre in Kenya - a free primary school located in a rural town a couple of hours north of Mombasa. In 2022, 240 students and 20 employees are benefitting from the project.



Several fabulous pieces were donated by Martin Whatson, Hama Woods, Sandra Chevier, La Staa, Add Fuel AFK, Canevil, Dulk, Fanakapan, Hebru Brantley, Isaac Cordal, James Bullough, Kayla Mahaffay, Kunstrasen, Ricardo Romero and other talented artists.


Visit @ecomoyoauction to see all the artworks.

PHOTO-2022-02-15-16-19-42 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-02-15-16-19-40 2.jpg
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