Eco Moyo Education Centre was founded by Lindsay Sanner  as a Norwegian organisation in 2013.


The school officially opened in 2017 and is run by our Director Asumptor Kamende. 

The administration also consists of an accountant and a manager who work part time.


Other staff members

As of 2019 we have two matrons working on shift, cooking school meals and take care of our boarding students. We have one watchman looks after the school premises during the day and one watchman at night. We also have a caretaker/gardener.


All of our teachers are certified by national standards and registrered with TSC (teachers service comission).

Per 2019 we have a total of 7 teachers for 6 classes.


Any child living within Dzunguni village gets to attend our school for free.

As this is a very poor area, students are provided with food, books and uniforms. In exchange, their parents volunteer with us once per month.

As per 2019 we have five classes. By completion, there will be eight classes which will form a complete primary school.


We also have 16 boarding students who live in the school dormitory.

The area

Our school is located in a beautiful, area in the rural outskirts of Kilifi town, on the Kenyan coast. 


Only 30 min away, you will find beautiful beaches and top notch hotels.


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Eco Moyo Education Centre

Sundet 18

3950 Brevik


Tel: +4745608045 (Norway)

Registered as a Norwegian foundation
Organisastion number: 912629163

Eco Moyo Education Centre

Box 702 - 80108



Tel: +254715009408 (Kenya)

Registered as a CBO (Community based organisation)
Registration number: SS/KLF/LR/CBO/KIK-D/10/2015