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Eco Moyo Auction 2022

Dear artist! 

If you are reading this, it means you have been contacted with a request to join our 5th Eco Moyo Auction :)

Many of you have joined us before and we are so unbelievably grateful for your contribution! It has allowed our school to grow and our children to benefit it so many ways!


As per 2021 we have 203 students at our school and 13 staff. In March 2022 the school will be finished (finally!!!) and will enable 240 students to come and learn, eat and play in a safe environment. 


The majority of our students live in mud huts without water or electricity. When COVID forced all schools in Kenya to close for 9 months, we distributed food and hygiene supply to the community as there was no government assistance. As of December 2021 we are facing a massive drought and have started a new lunch program so as to provide not 1 but 2 meals per day as there is little or no food in their homes. 


Now that the infrastructure of the school is almost finalised, we are putting more energy and resources into learner centred teaching methods, focusing on the pedagogy that welcomes development of creative and practical skills.


We know that art has a huge role to play in our children's development and finally the new Kenyan curriculum allows for this to be prioritised! Culturally, this is a challenging transition for many adults to adapt.


To build a school culture and a teaching staff equipped with tools to take on this (in Kenya) new approach to teaching, resources are needed to facilitate teacher trainings focusing on creative work. Also costs related to materials and activities focusing on both the arts and also sports will be needed. 

Our girls are also facing many challenges concerning sexual abuse. We have started a collaboration with a local NGO called Moving the Goalposts to help us tackle some of these issues. 


So if you have a piece that you would want to donate to the upcoming auction we would be forever thankful!


AND we would love to see you in Kenya!!! You are welcome to stay at my partners place on the south coast before and/or after visiting the school here:




- Warm and humble regards,

Lindsay Sanner


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